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Boxkite Media is made up of seasoned web developers that have the experience to take your company's web needs to the next level. Our experience allows us to listen to your web development needs and produce a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Boxkite Media treats each client as a business partner and, therefore, your success is our success. We are able to work with a wide range of businesses from small mom and pop businesses to large multi-million dollar corporations. When we work with a client, we strive to give a solution that not only exceeds their expectations but fits within their budget.

Web Development

Boxkite Media has the programming chops to go beyond the typical informational website. Our programming experience allows us to build large, data-intensive websites whose functionality goes beyond the typical website builder.

As the internet has evolved, businesses have found that they need their website to do more than just give their users information and a contact form. They need websites that inform, engage and sell to their users. Also, many businesses are finding that they can streamline their internal business processes by building web-based applications that automate their internal process and make their company more efficient.

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Website Maintenance

Typically, Boxkite Media will build a website that gives the client the flexibility to modify the contents of the website themselves. However, there are occasions where the client is too busy or simply doesn't want to deal with the website content. Boxkite Media will gladly step in to handle this process.

When Boxkite Media takes on a new client or project, we do not see this as a short-term task. We consider this a long-term partnership. We will be there after the project's completion in order to give you on-going support for your business. We are committed to helping you handle any additions or changes that might be necessary.

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If you are a business that sells products, it is imperative that you are able to sell to your customers while you have their attention. If your website simply displays your products to your customers, but then they are required to contact you or come to your store to purchase, you run the risk of them losing interest or worse, going to a competitor's site. E-commerce allows you to sell to your customers while they are engaged.

Boxkite Media has built e-commerce systems for a number of clients. Your users will be able to securely purchase your products online. We will give you the ability to update your online store and process the orders.

We have worked with all of the major online systems, such as PayPal, Authorize.net, First Data, Blue Pay, etc.

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Content Management

Content Management Systems or CMS are terms that people use in varying ways. For some, they are referring to off the shelf products such as Drupal, WordPress or Joomla. While these products are good, they tend to be overwhelming to the user since they are trying to be all things for all people. We've found that what the client usually means is "I want to be able to update information on my website without having to call you."

Boxkite Media has developed its own website foundation that allows us to build a site and administration system that fits your needs while giving you the flexibility to modify the content yourself. This foundation has been used on sites that are as small as 5 or 6 pages to large sites consisting of 300+ pages.

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Social Media

Let Boxkite Media help you expand your business and customers by utilizing the various social media avenues. Keeping your website content fresh can be time consuming so the last thing that you want to do is update the same thing in multiple places. Boxkite Media can help you automatically update your website when you update your Facebook page or Twitter.

Another way that companies are using social media is to build Facebook Apps for their page in order to engage and grow their customer base. Boxkite Media has developed a number of Facebook Apps for clients which allow them to easily obtain contact information from their customers in ways that were previously difficult or impossible.

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Web Design

In today's world, a website is generally the first impression that someone gets about your company. You do not want them coming to your site and seeing an unprofessional design or out of date information. Boxkite Media will get you in front of talented graphic designers that live on the cutting edge of the internet design trends. They will sit down with you to understand your design needs and will create a fresh new look for your business website.

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Website Hosting

Boxkite Media has a partnership with Comprehensive Technical Group (CTG) so that we may offer you an affordable hosting option. Whether you simply need a place to host your website or have needs that require a dedicated server, we will work with you and CTG to come up with an affordable option. Our websites and web-based systems do not require that you use CTG as your hosting provider, but we have found that this is a more elegant solution as opposed to the massive hosting companies when it comes to personalized support.

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Featured Project

EcoFocus Film Festival

Boxkite Media redesigned the site and rebuilt the administration system for the EcoFocus Film Festival site in Athens, GA.

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