Content Management

"I want to be able to change my website whenever I want without calling you."

Clients often tell us this, and so we have developed an array of solutions to fit every need.

The most important tool is our ears, because the first step is to listen.

What does the client really want in terms of content management?

For some clients this involves installing and training them on off-the-shelf software products.

For others, this involves building a customized administrative system that lets them manage specific areas of the site such as company news, locations, sign-up databases, etc.

For some clients, a combination of the two approaches is the best solution: a software package for general text changes and a custom solution for database-driven needs.

Boxkite Media has developed its own website foundation that allows us to build a site and administration system that fits your needs while giving you the flexibility to modify the content yourself. This foundation has been used on sites that are as small as 5 or 6 pages to large sites consisting of 300+ pages.

Content Management examples:

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